Interact with your PocketPC's display through your X terminal.

xcerdisp-1.15.1159.tar.gz 8 Oct 2006 21.7k
xcerdisp-1.14.1089.tar.gz 6 Jun 2006 20.4k
xcerdisp-1.14.1088.tar.gz 6 Jun 2006 20.3k
xcerdisp-1.13pre2.tar.gz 11 May 2004 20.3k
xcerdisp-1.13pre.tar.gz 11 May 2004 19.8k


Xcerdisp is an X windows version of Microsoft's Pocket PC Remote Display Control powertoy (cerdisp). It allows you to access your Pocket PC device from your Unix desktop.

After getting my PocketPC, and installing Microsoft's Remote Display Control PowerToy (cerdisp) I wondered if I could access the PocketPC data from my unix workstation.

I almost immediately found the SynCE project, and using their guide on getting the WinCE device connected via PPP, I used a combination of tcpdump and netcat to reverse engineer the data stream coming from cerdisp, and wrote a small X client that displays and controls it.

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Source repository

The subversion repository for this software can be accessed through http://svn.adaptive-enterprises.com/misc/xcerdisp or browsed with ViewVC.


This software has been placed in the public domain.

Reporting bugs

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